How expensive is friendship these days?

Friendship is proving to be very expensive. A conversation with a friend of mine lay bare the can of worms in modern friendships. A friend of his had a birthday celebration, the friend settled on a rather expensive location. All of the invitees were not aware that they were to spend on anything, no prior arrangement had been made.

Hours into the celebration, some friends wanted to leave. Only to be told that the bill was to be split equally. Everyone was to pay KES 8,000. No prior communication, after eating and drinking; you are asked to pay a bill. Among the group of friends were people who did not partake in drinking but were expected to pay.

Where to draw the line?

When you throw a party; have the decency to inform people whether they are expected to foot bills. If someone was sitting comfortably at home then you call him for a night out, take the tab and pay for all of it.

No one has a budget for extravagant spending.

Imagine paying for someone’s birthday simply for living above their means? They cannot afford the lifestyle they want. They prefer dragging people into supporting their expensive lifestyle.

You cannot please people on social media using other people’s money.

Generation Z, live within your means.

Friendships have become too expensive to maintain.

On Instagram, Sunday brunch has become the ‘in-thing.’ Friends tag each other on promotional posts. I assume that one cannot sustain partying every weekend. Putting in mind the transportation costs ( uber), food, drinks, and unforeseen expenses. How is it that you can consistently keep up?

Out of the 10 young women we interviewed, 9 admitted to buying new outfits every time they have to go out.

“ I spend 5,000/= on nails only, 6,000/=on dressing and shoes and 5,000 on drinks. This is if I have done my hair. I spend between 5,000- 15,000/= every weekend.” said one of the girls we interviewed.

It is easy to fault the young woman for her poor financial decisions.

She represents a majority of youths who believe one has to invest using large sums of money.


At the mention of investment, people prioritize land, real estate, or entrepreneurship. These investment options require need capital.

If you are a young person, just starting out your career, Consider these investment options instead of rewarding yourself by drinking or spending on luxury goods.


1. Stock Exchange.

New companies need capital to operate efficiently. They sell shares to the public to raise enough capital. Progressively, as the company grows so does the value in its shares.

Investing in buying a company’s shares guarantees returns.

Research through brokers who understand the market well as it is an equally risky investment.

2. Government Bonds.

Governments borrow from their citizens then repay after a given time.

The Kenyan Treasury bonds provide quarterly, semi-annual and annual T-bonds. They are to be repaid between 1–30 years.

Interest rates are determined by the total amount issued and the expected period of investment.

The more time and money invested, the more interest you will receive.

3. Start a business or invest in someone else’s business.

The surest way to get returns on your investment is by starting a business. Besides it sharpening your entrepreneurial skills, you will be able to turn extra time into a productive venture.

The thought of starting a business may be scary, it is worth the shot. Better yet, invest in someone else’s business and watch it grow.

4. Agribusiness.

A friend of mine got into poultry farming expecting fast results. He invested 300,000 into buying chicks and building their housing structures.

He lost all of his money.

After re-evaluating what led to the loss, he discovered a hitch in the planning and execution process. He had not researched the chicken breed he bought.

Farming is a lucrative venture if done right.

One has to know what they are getting themselves in. Otherwise, it is worth the risk.

5. Diversifying your portfolio.

If you lack the capital to invest in all the options stated above, opt for upscaling your skills.

Learning a new skill is an investment option.

Monetize the skills and earn extra for them.

Want to find out more about investing? Click here.



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