Financially Fit Africa
A business that generates 200 shillings a day is a great business.

If you earn less than 50,000 you can still start a side hustle. The goal is always to have more cash flow. Having a business that earns you even 200 shillings a day is great.

So what businesses can I start?

Before you consider the type of investment you want to get returns from, here are…


Are you a movie fan?

Watching movies with family and friends can be really fun until when you have to take a phone call or answer the doorbell. …

Steve Down speaking to beneficiaries of his financial literacy program in Kitale, Kenya

As developing countries move towards achieving sustainability, it is clear that it is very possible to achieve the No poverty goal. Active partnerships between governments, the private sector, and non-profits have seen an end to practices previously normalized. An example is Female Genital Mutilation. …

A character on squid game, a film that highlights the debt cycle most people are in and the rat race to financial freedom and wealth.

Have you watched the Squid game? Squidgame posts and memes have trended on Kenyan Twitter for weeks. Despite the attention-stealing violent scenes, a very relatable underlying theme portrayed is the growth of debt and economic inequality. The characters are barely in their 40’s yet deep in debt. …

Financially Fit Africa

Financially Fit Africa is a principle-centered wealth education and the premier global financial community for individuals, families, and professionals.

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